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Purely Biological Control

CONSUMERS prefer locally grown, sustainably produced fruits and vegetables, which has driven the adoption of safe biological products.

ISOMATE® biological mating disruption pheromones deliver zero residue control of select insect pests, season-long while protecting the environment, beneficial insects, and pollinators.

CBC-Agro provides safe, sustainable solutions

We understand biological crop protection

  • ISOMATE pheromones disrupt mating via competitive (following a false plume) and non-competitive (masking, desensitization and sensory imbalance) mechanisms, preventing male moths from finding female moths thus preventing mating, subsequent egg-laying and larval feeding.

  • When monitoring traps are clean, mating disruption is effectively preventing males from finding calling females.  Protection of fruit, trees, branches and roots however is the true measure of mating disruption effectiveness.

  • When adjacent orchards/vineyards are within 500-mteres, area wide mating disruption programs are essential reduce the potential for mated females from adjacent orchards to fly into a MD orchard and lay eggs despite the reduction of mated female in the MD orchard.


Isomate® biologicals safely disrupt insect mating, protecting fruit season long.

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  • ISOMATE dispensers fill the orchard with insect specific pheromone delivering 10,000-fold more pheromone than produced by a female moth.

  • ISOMATE dispenser design released nano-gram quantities into the air throughout the orchard providing season long protection

  • ISOMATE dispensers applied at 150 to 400 POINT SOURCES per Acre maximize the coverage especially in hilly or irregular shaped orchards. 

  • ISOMATE Mist unit emitters are timed to deliver aerosol pheromone during the peak male moth flight period providing complete coverage of the orchard with one or two Mist units per acre

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