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Isomates® Pheromones

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ALWAYS ON PROTECTION  24/7 with ISOMATE® mating disruption pheromones

Always on protection means GROWERS count on ISOMATE mating disruption pheromones to guard their orchards and vineyards with a constant invisible pheromone presence.

Always on protection means ISOMATE is at work preventing insect mating, providing protection again fruit and foliar feeding insects and boring insect pests day and night.

Features of Isomate® Mating Disruption Technology Products:

  • May be used alone or in conjunction with traditional pest control methods

  • Provides consistent and economical control of common fruit pests

  • Reduce pest pressure over time

  • Are IPM friendly products that result in cost savings and reduce crop losses

  • Qualify for NOP Organic Certification

  • Superior dispensing technology that delivers consistent, uniform release rate over a wide range of environmental conditions

  • No worker re-entry period or pre-harvest interval



  • Modes of action likely include false trail following, sensory adaptation and masking of odor trails.

  • ISOMATE® is very effective in orchards with low populations.

  • In high population orchards, ISOMATE® should be used in conjunction with the least disruptive insecticides. 

  • Wind will reduce pheromone concentrations along the border.

  • Treatment of large, contiguous areas increases the concentration of pheromone in orchards thus increasing the efficacy of ISOMATE®.

LOGICALLY SAFER means fresh and processed APPLES, PEARS, PEACHES, PLUMS, NECTARINES, GRAPES and other selected crops have less pesticide residue.

LOGICALLY SAFER means Farm Workers, Packers, Retailers and Consumers are exposed to less pesticide residues.

LOGICALLY SAFER means beneficial and non-target insects and the environment are better protected.

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