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Protecting the Environment



Protect YOUR beneficial insects and pollinators and protect YOUR environment.


Preventing or Mitigating Potential Negative Impacts of Pesticides on Pollinators Using Integrated Pest Management and Other Conservation Practices:  “Reducing the use of broad-spectrum insecticide sprays in orchards through mating disruption also conserves beneficial insects that prey upon secondary pests such as mites, aphids, scale, and leaf-miners. This further reduces the need for other insecticides and can often eliminate those lesser pests after a few years. In orchards with insecticide-resistant codling moth or oriental fruit moth, mating disruption may be the most effective pest management option because the control results from behavioral changes, rather than killing individual moths.” 

- Case study:  Mating disruption and pheromone traps in Pennsylvania apple orchards by Dr. David Biddinger, Pennsylvania State University.

ISOMATES maintain predator insects to support a truly integrated pest and pollinator management program

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