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Zero Residue Means Safer Fruit


Exempt from tolerance and certified for organic production

EPA:  § 180.1153 Lepidopteran pheromones; exemption from the requirement of a tolerance.  Lepidopteran pheromones that are naturally occurring compounds, or identical or substantially similar synthetic compounds, designated by an unbranched aliphatic chain (between 9 and 18 carbons) ending in an alcohol, aldehyde or acetate functional group and containing up to 3 double bonds in the aliphatic backbone, are exempt from the requirement of a tolerance in or on all raw agricultural commodities.

USDA National Organics Program:  § 205.601 Synthetic substances allowed for use in organic crop production. (f) As insect management. Pheromones.

CAN/CGSB-32.311-2020; Corrigendum No. 1, March 2021; Organic production systems-Permitted substances lists, Section 4.2 states “Pheromones and other semiochemicals. All sources are permitted. For pest control.”

ISOMATE® mating disruption pheromones exemption from tolerance means safer fruit

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