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Our Mission

We are a global leader in providing safer, healthier, greener solutions through innovative technologies. We deliver passion and excellence in every corner of our business by providing a dynamic and challenging environment for our employees. Through our dedicated team, we strive to exceed each customer’s unique expectations.


Our Vision

To keep our dream alive for another 100 years, improving the lives of our families, communities, and customers.


Our Values


We turn new and imaginative ideas into reality for our company and customers.



We believe that honesty, diligence, and reliability define the character of all of our business activities.



The faithfulness and devotion to the company and our customers through dedication, responsibility, and loyalty.



We value each other’s points of view. We are open to being wrong.  We strive to listen and learn from each other in an open and polite manner in our actions and our words.



We know that true collaboration is only possible when people of differing backgrounds, experiences, and opinions are truly welcomed. At CBC America, we make conscious daily effort to create an atmosphere in which all of our team members feel seen, valued, and supported.

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